GraPH-X aims and activities presented at ETSI Industry Specific Group THz (ETSI ISG THz)

NOKIA, on behalf of GraPH-X partners, successfully held a session to illustrate GraPH-X aims and activities during the ETSI Industry Specific Group THz (ETSI ISG THz) between 27 and 29 September 2023 in Braunschweig /Germany.

Both the key idea on which GraPH-X is based and the methods we have envisaged to validate it for a wide range of applications were illustrated.

Then, pre-standardization and validation efforts of GraPH-X on THz technology resulting from collaborative research activities between project partners were shared in session WI4, RF Hardware Modelling.’

The DRAGON presentation was well received and generated a lot of interest among the participants. All questions received were answered during the discussion.

Furthermore, the president of ETSI ISH THz and the WI4 rapporteur invited us to contribute directly by proposing a text to be included in the next WI4 report with the results of the Project as soon as they are available

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