GRAPH-X Achievements to be Presented at 2D-EPL 2024

The upcoming 2D-EPL 2024 conference, themed “Pioneering 2D Materials for Semiconductor Industry,” will feature a significant presentation by Alberto Montanaro from CNIT. On June 12, 2024, Montanaro will deliver a talk titled “Integrating Graphene Photonic ICs with Electronics for Next-Gen 6G Sub-THz Wireless Connectivity,” showcasing the groundbreaking achievements of the GRAPH-X project.

Montanaro’s presentation will delve into the technical innovations and practical applications of graphene-based photonic ICs, emphasizing their potential to significantly boost data transmission speeds and efficiency in the emerging 6G networks. This talk is expected to draw considerable interest from industry leaders, researchers, and technologists attending the 2D-EPL 2024, eager to explore the transformative possibilities of 2D materials in semiconductor applications.

The full agenda of the 2D-EPL 2024 conference, including Montanaro’s presentation and other sessions, can be accessed at the following link: 2D-EPL 2024 Agenda.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from this pivotal event, where the forefront of semiconductor innovation meets the pioneers of 2D material research.


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